What It Feels Like To Be an INTJ (guest post)


When I was sixteen years old, there was an “educational bus” situated outside our school. It was one of the school’s many visitors, and its main purpose is to guide the incoming graduates (us) to their careers in the future.

I went inside and saw computers instead of bus seats (it was strange). One of the crews told us that we will take an MBTI personality test. I had no idea what MBTI was, therefore my answers were purely authentic. I did not expect anything but saw my result as INTJ. I searched what it meant, but was initially disinterested about it. I did not realize that it was the key to understand myself better.

When I reached college – forgetting the personality test I took then – our professor obliged us to take a personality test. Again, I was given the INTJ personality. I was curious from then on.

Now, I am about to tell you what it feels like to be an INTJ (I am not basing it on articles but from myself. Being an INTJ does not mean that everything I’ll just down is true to you as I am to your perception of an INTJ. We are diverse beings coming from different experiences, therefore each INTJ is unique. However, we cannot deny that we have similarities. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses will help us become the best version we can be).

INTJs are very private. I dislike attention, yet I dislike being ignored. I am torn between these two, but the former usually prevails. Oh wait, I actually love being in the spotlight, it’s just that it gets uncomfortable if it happens for a longer duration. My privacy is everything to me.

INTJs love to think. However, thinking too much causes me to have my day spoiled. Pessimism overwhelms optimism. By the way, did you know that we have more words for negativity than it is for positivity? That is because we have morbid thoughts.

I have little patience to those who cannot understand what I am trying to impart to them (which makes me seem as a rude person). Ever since I was young, I have this aversion towards people who do not get me. I wanted them to understand as quickly as I had said it. I believe this is one of the INTJs weaknesses. If you want to have friends, make sure you are careful to not insult your peers.

INTJs are easily drained. To tell you the truth, I love crowded places. I love to be with people. However, I easily get drained when the people I am with are too superficial. So you see? I am a social person, but more inclined to be with myself whenever things are not beneficial for my well-being. Finding someone who is deep is a rare gem, so it is not every day that I do not get drained.

I dislike being told what to do. This is 100% true. I do not want to be told how things are being done. I want to make it my own way. I only listen to those people who are not condescending towards me. I have met a lot of assertive personalities and they are not my cup of tea. If you want a person to trust your advice, make sure that you do not treat them as your inferiors.

INTJs are sensitive. I am sensitive! Oftentimes, I lose my cool, and the only way to get back to my bearing is to stay in a solitude corner where I can pull my self together. Afterward, I reflect on it.

I love to read! Come on INTJs, did you know that our personality is one of the highest when it comes to reading books? I read during my spare time and cannot bear the idea of not reading something every day.

I look angry. This goes way back since I was in grade school. Of course, I have now learned how to really smile. But before, my friends would always ask if I am in a bad mood when in fact I am not. I sometimes slipped and forget that I am doing a resting bitch face again.

Relationships are challenging. I don’t know how to play the game.

INTJs value intelligence. I am definitely not talking about academics because it limits the meaning of intelligence. We always seek to know something more than what is being shoved down from school.

I look reserved. I “look” reserved.

I always feel lonely. Ever felt that isolation amidst the crowd? Yeah.

I plan systematically. I do my plans in order, and I hate it when something disrupts me from accomplishing my tasks.

I am silent when I am angry. I cannot trust my words that will come out. I know the consequences and regret, so I always go down first.

There are still a lot of things to say about this interesting personality. Tell me what you think!

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