Wake up! A new job won’t solve the fundamental “job problem”


Wake up! A new job won’t solve the fundamental “job problem” - Introvert Whisperer

What makes a job bad? Pay? Job content? Hours?  Give up yet?

Correct answer: People.

Yes, it’s the people we encounter at work that is the biggest factor for how we feel about our job.  Kind of crazy isn’t it?  Its almost like we don’t pay attention or deny this fact universally. We do so very little to equip ourselves to effectively manage our relationships with co-workers including management.

Granted, as we grow up we learn a lot about interacting with others and some people learn effective approaches earlier and sooner than others.  Some of what we learn isn’t effective at all and in general, there is a gap we don’t even realize exists.

The co-worker relationship gap causes us to pursue dysfunctional behaviors such as avoidance, gossiping//inappropriate venting, passive-aggressiveness or conflict.  Eventually, the lack of resolution lowers our motivation which then leads us to the classic corrective action: finding another job.

And then the cycle repeats itself.  To paraphrase a quote: If you don’t solve the root cause to a problem you are doomed to repeat it.  And I see a lot of people in this cycle.  Failure to develop effective relationship management skills sets you up for a lifetime of problems punctuated by a slow-progressing career.  Add to that the stress and unhappiness it causes.  It’s a big part of your life and it impacts you at a deep soul level.

My intent by this message is to simply wake you up to this problem.  You can’t solve a problem you don’t acknowledge.  If you are a parent, I urge you to acknowledge this need to your children and put all of you on a path of learning.  Even if you don’t have kids, spread the insight and begin the dialogue.  Begin learning new ways of managing your relationships at work.

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