Useful Tips That Can Help introverts to score a promotion


Useful Tips That Can Help introverts to score a promotion - Introvert Whisperer

Fear of anything affects your progress. If you think you are an introvert and want a good move in your career, you need to focus on one-on-one relationships at your office premises. Author of the best-selling book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” Susan Cain says that the culture having outgoing and uninhibited values make it difficult for an introvert to manage especially in the workplace. As per her, many skills of introverts depend on the way of their interactions with others on a personal level. If they want to achieve a successful career, introverted employees should use this ability to catch senior-level roles. A study reveals that more than half of CEOs, who achieved better than expected were introverts. Let’s discuss some tips to achieve a promotion if you are considering yourself as an introvert.

1. Choose a career that suits your strengths

Your comfortableness makes your work easy to do. If you are not enjoying your work or you have totally different aspects of your work which doesn’t suit your skill, you may face difficulties to continue your work. Always go with your skills and strength for pursuing a better career in your life.

Forbes has disclosed a list of the most introvert-friendly careers that including animal care, service workers, court reporters, archivists, and social media managers. Trade Schools also share this list that distinguished the jobs as per the different types of introverts based on social activities, level of thinking, or anxious.

What do you think that being an introvert you can’t be successful in any field? It is not true! You need to make some adjustments to be successful. We can change our persona up to a level and beyond a point, you will start to lose your individuality. Bill Gates and Bill Clinton can’t be the same person with the same reflection. No matter how much they polish their skills and add values in their personalities.

2. Make a network that makes you comfortable

An introvert is someone who tends to rejuvenate best through alone time.  In other words, an introvert doesn’t incline to attend lunch and every happy hour, and optional professional development opportunity. But that doesn’t imply that they have to miss career-boosting advantages of active networking. This point reflects that you need to actively participate in every form of communication.

Proper your relationships (either personal or professional) as per your ways. To be the part of active networking, choose a format that doesn’t bother you to make regular check-in on your work contacts with real conversations on important events and interests such as email, messaging apps or LinkedIn. If you feel more comfortable in small social activity than events, then skip the large group gathering. Pay more attention to meetings with people you’re interested in building a relationship. This will give you more powerful networking rather than spending much time with larger numbers of people.

3. Makes notes for better communication

If you don’t speak out what you need or want, you will never have what you want. When if you want to avoid excess attention, then imposter syndrome and introversion can go hand to hand. This can allow you to provide excellent and promotion-worthy work that you never quite step up to take appreciation for. This will also let you generate great ideas that you don’t disclose during meetings.

If you want to express your ideas and get credit in person, you know you will go blank once everyone’s focus on you, then have some backup with yourself. While attending any meeting, make notes on what you have and what you want to share. Also, refer to these notes when you choose to speak up. It will help you to introduce your contribution that makes sure you’re not thinking on your feet and concentrating on what is happening around. Be confident while sharing your thoughts on something important and don’t forget to make a note before speaking anything.

4. Don’t forget to learn

Try to move beyond your job narrative to widen your knowledge base. Take a stand on the things in which you find yourself confident and comfortable. To expand your learning, you need to add new skills to your persona. If you want to get promoted, you have to show something different from others. Same this is said by Dorie Clark, marketing strategist and author of “Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It.” Clark suggests that people require to spend your time in innovations and experiments to enhance your skills. Try some different duties or start some new things that offer you some independence and creativity to get noticed. If you consider yourself an introvert, take the classes on an unfamiliar area or try to search for a solution that addresses a problem within your company. It is just like if you need assistance to work on your assignments, don’t hesitate to take assignment help online services from experts.

5. Take the help of a mentor

All know the work environment of offices and politics which we face during various activities. Indeed, your relations can generate or break your chance to be considered for a promotion.

Being an introvert, if you avoid making large groups of work friends as your close associates, then promotion becomes hard to get within a company unless those close relationships include more senior employees who are keen to mentor you and take care of your career. It may difficult to get the right approach for finding the right mentor, but it is as important as making a friend who interested in your promotion. A relationship with a mentor helps you to grow as a professional with someone to witness that development and promote you to achieve higher levels of responsibility. In fact, your mentor can support you and advise you to perform better on your projects.

If you’re an introvert and hard worker, then you would be one of such people J.K. Rowling, Shonda Rhimes, and Michael Jordan. It doesn’t matter that you are introvert or not, your effort and performance will give you the credit of your work.

6. Be ready for a no

The word “No” may be the hardest words you’ll ever hear in any kind of conversation. Usually, when you hear a no, your spiral power gets down and you start to doubt your qualities. You assume that “you didn’t deserve it” or “you are not good enough.” It may not easy to overcome this situation but don’t get quiet. Despite sitting, get curious and ask why not you. Analyze your output and talk to your senior.

It all depends on the answers to your boss. He will let you know the reasons for getting the answer “no.” It may possible that your company doesn’t have enough budget and may have some other reasons. But if you don’t raise questions, you will never have the reason of “No.” Once you get the discussion with your boss and get the answer to your queries, time to decide whether you want to stay or go for another organization.

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