Top 10 Career Mistakes Introverts Commit


Top 10 Career Mistakes Introverts Commit - Introvert Whisperer

The climb up the corporate ladder is never easy.  As introverts, people might see you at a disadvantage; but they are undoubtedly wrong. Introverts are known for being great listeners, focused, observant, and committed, which are all great qualities that executives must possess. If you are an introvert with career plans, here are the top ten mistakes that you should avoid so you won’t trip on your way up.

1. Isolating Yourself

Some people thrive on social interaction compared to others. Too much isolation is not healthy, and most jobs require associating with people. Even introverts need face to face time every once in a while, so try calling a friend, or having lunch out. If having a companion is too much for you, having a stroll at the park or doing groceries can be a great help instead of locking yourself in your room. But it would be better if you talk even with one single person: little efforts to connect can go a long way.

2. Exhibiting Terrible Body Language

Introverts can get stressed and anxious when encountering unfamiliar situations, but you can try being a master of disguise. Look at how you usually exhibit yourself with others. You can try the following modifications to your body language.

  • Avoiding crossing your arms
  • Not fidgeting
  • Nodding at the right times
  • Having a relaxed posture
  • Leaning in towards the sleeping someone

3. Exhibiting A Lack of Confidence

Introverts are confident people, but sometimes, being around extroverts can dial down that feeling. If you are not feeling confident, you can fake it till you make it. Pro tip: maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with. You can even wear prescription contacts to make your vision sharper, better, and any color that you would like. Other confidence tips are:

  • Practice smiling
  • Study some power poses
  • Have a strong handshake
  • Dress to impress

4. Not Asking for Help

Introverts lean toward working alone. Some are even more staunchly independent compared to the others. If you are one of those stubborn introverts, it might be quite hard for you to admit that there is something you cannot do alone. Here is how you can start: just ask for help. It’s as simple as that. Talk to your coworkers or your direct supervisor if there is something that you cannot do. This will avoid trouble with making costly errors or going beyond the deadline.

5. Letting Your Mouth Run Away with You

Small talk is inevitable, and you have to master the art of it. The problem with introverts is that they either have their lips glued or they babble the nerves away. It is a common problem that people chatter when they feel awkward or nervous, but remember, it is like running down a hill, once you begin, slowing down is near impossible. To avoid that, try talking slower when you are making small talk. Remember your pauses and breathing in and out clearly. If you have some trouble and you think you are rambling, observe the reaction of people around you and take your cues from there.

6. Confusing Your Introversion with Fear

No one can escape having to do things that we do not like. That’s just how life works. But if you see yourself not being able to do things like returning a call, attending a party, or joining a conversation every single time, what you might have is fear and not just introversion. If you see this fear interfering with your life and you always regret things that you haven’t done, maybe you should try talking with a therapist to figure out your psyche and create plans to help you.

7. Always Expecting Others to Begin the Conversation

Even though statistically, extroverts outnumber introverts, there are millions of people like you, that are scared of opening up conversations as well. Not all extroverts are also stereotypically bubbly, social, and talkative people like you think. Remember, there is a difference between talking in front of other people and having to talk to just one. If you are in a gathering, most likely somebody else is feeling as awkward as you, so be brave, for once, and rescue them from boredom.

8. Not Standing Up for Yourself

As introverts, people tend to exhibit tendencies to let more dominating people push you or other people around. In dealing with confrontation and conflict, most introverts keep quiet and just ignore. Bullying, discrimination, and power-tripping happen in the corporate jungle so you have to make sure that you can handle it. A simple statement of “I disagree” would be more than enough to stand up for yourself.

9. Failing to Recognize Personal Accomplishments

Are you shy about being proud of your victories? Many introverts tend to dislike bragging and get scared about seeming too full of themselves. In the workplace, you should be proud of all your accomplishments. In climbing up the corporate ladder, you should know how to market your skills to show people that you can face the challenges once you get promoted to a higher role.

10. Getting Lost Inside Your Head

Being alone gives people the time to introspect and get to know themselves better. On the darker side, though, it can give you too much time to overthink and overanalyze things. Even when surrounded by people, some introverts can still zone out and get lost inside their minds. What should you do? Make a conscious effort to be present when you are with people or when they are things that you need to do.

BONUS TIP: Take the Time to Recharge

All introverts can get drained by social situations, but you have to socialize every once in a while. What you can do is to schedule an alone time before or after a social event. This will assure your self-preservation and protect you from imploding and getting stressed out.

Introverts Can Do It, Too.

Introverts have the power to excel in the corporate world, as much as extroverts and ambiverts can. Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, and this makes the journey more exciting. As introverts, a key to achieving your career goals is acknowledging your points to improve and starting from there.



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