INFJs in Relationships with NF Personality Types


As in every romantic relationship, a relationship between an INFJ and any personality type will come with both joys and challenges. Contrary to the opinions of Internet experts, there is no “best type” for an INFJ—just like there is no “best job”, “best place to live” or “best Harry Potter house” for an INFJ personality type.

There are however patterns found in the combination of the INFJ with different personality types. Some personality types are more similar to the INFJ personality, so they’ll be able to understand and relate to their INFJ partner more than others. However, similarities between partners in relationships can introduce as many challenges as do differences.

INFJs in Relationships with NF Personality Types

NF personality types (ENFJs, INFJs, ENFPs and INFPs) are the most idealistic of all the personality types. These types are deeply in tune with their emotions, focused on the big picture and strive to improve their lives and the lives of others.

NFs, or idealists as psychologist David Keirsey calls types of this temperament, are motivated by personal growth and understanding. They make warm and compassionate partners but can hold higher expectations for the relationship than is often realistic.

INFJs can experience beautiful and exciting relationships with NF partners. The biggest challenges tend to arise when one partner is blinded by the shared similarities and begins to expect their partner to understand and act in the same way as they would in every situation.

Since NF types feel deeply, they can experience passionate relationships fueled by emotional depth and vulnerability. However, this can also lead to drama that drains these emotionally sensitive types to the point of overwhelming exhaustion.

NF couples can also become frustrated by a lack of practicality. They may get frustrated when their partner forgets to fill the gas tank in the car…again. It’s essential that these types are open about their frustrations and realistic about their expectations in the relationship. If this is achieved, INFJ and NF relationships can flourish.  

INFJs and ENFJs in Relationships

ENFJs and INFJs are future-oriented idealists who value growth and understanding. In a healthy partnership, these types will encourage and support each other on their growth journeys both inside and outside of the relationship.

INFJs admire the ENFJs charisma and ability to make others feel heard and at ease. ENFJs appreciate the INFJ’s clear vision, integrity and commitment to growing the relationship.

ENFJs can have a hard time understanding INFJs need for privacy and alone time. INFJs are extremely independent and often enjoy solitary hobbies and interests. ENFJs can feel left out and frustrated if they’re not included in an important part of their partner’s life.

INFJs and INFJs In Relationships

The joys of an INFJ and INFJ relationship include deep conversation, unwavering support and the bliss of having a partner who sees the world in a similar way.

Many INFJ and INFJ couples feel like they have a true “soulmate” bond. The couple will enjoy discussing their visions and ideas and willingly provide emotional support to one another.

However, communication issues will arise if the couple isn’t open with their feelings. Some INFJs may prefer to keep emotions inside for the sake of maintaining harmony, but their partner will easily sense that something is off. If the issue isn’t addressed quickly it can become a major source of conflict.

INFJs and ENFPs In Relationships

Both INFJs and ENFPs are warm and empathetic. INFJs are attracted to the ENFPs charisma, enthusiasm and compassion. ENFPs admire the INFJs patience, focus and deep emotional insight.

INFJs and ENFPs are often fascinated by the similar, yet different ways the other person views and interacts with the world. INFJs can help ENFPs prioritize their many projects and ideas by helping them focus on a long-term plan that’s in line with their goals.

Although they seem similar, INFJs and ENFPs perceive information and make decisions in very different ways. They may struggle to understand their partner’s feelings and behavior, which can cause frustration.

INFJs and INFPs In Relationships

INFJs and INFPs are similar on the surface, yet see the world through extremely different lens. INFPs are in tune with their desires, values and beliefs. INFJs often experience conflicting feelings and beliefs as they attempt to understand multiple perspectives.

INFJs admire the depth of emotional vulnerability INFPs access with ease and their quirky sense of humor. INFPs are drawn to the INFJs genuine warmth and compassion for humanity.

Since INFJs are more objective about emotions, they may feel like their INFP partner is over-reacting or being dramatic. Since the INFJ values harmony, they may not express this feeling which can cause resentment. INFPs may feel like their INFJ partner isn’t emotionally vulnerable enough, which they may take personally.

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