An Introvert’s Guide to Accepting a Leadership Role


An Introvert's Guide to Accepting a Leadership Role - Introvert Whisperer

So you’ve just accepted a new leadership role and you’re naturally nervous (as well as excited) about the new position. Well, don’t worry because everybody gets anxious about taking on a bigger role.

You are taking on more responsibility, will be looked at to deliver results, and will have others lean on you for support, so feeling nervous is a natural reaction to accepting a role as a leader.

And as an introvert, there is even more reason to be tense, because a leadership role means there are going to be more fresh experiences and every day will bring new challenges to you.

The first thing to remember is that this a great opportunity and being offered a leadership role is a huge compliment from your manager and the company you work for. So make sure to take the time to congratulate yourself for success.

After that, take a few deep breaths and prepare for becoming a leader by following this list:

Don’t Think Too Far Ahead

Don’t think too far ahead or too broad. It’s easy to sit and think about a million things at once that are happening around you as a new leader, but it will do you no good.

The big picture can be scary and intimidating but it’s more important to look at the now and set small goals for yourself. A leader’s success is built off the small things they do that accumulate to a lot, so sit down and figure out an immediate plan of action with the things that you can control.

Being open with your peers and the employees that you will manage is something that will really break down walls between everybody. Especially as an introvert, if you can open up and lay everything on the line, then you will all be in a much better place moving forward.

There’s nothing wrong with telling everyone that this is a new role for you and that you are learning as well. Sometimes, even leaders need help and there’s nothing wrong with that.

By telling everyone that you are nervous about the new role and that you are going to be working hard to adapt and succeed, your peers will respect you for it. It can even be a great icebreaker between you and the others you are working with on a regular basis.

Try and Open As Many Communication Lines

Speaking of opening dialogue, it’s important to really connect and communicate with everyone right from the beginning. First impressions are important and how things are when you first take over as a leader will dictate the continued relationship between you and your peers.

If you struggle with large groups, you might be more comfortable with 1-on-1 conversations over a cup of coffee or even just in your office, away from others.

As an introvert, don’t worry – you will be able to ask the questions and let them run the conversation when you talk with these employees. By talking with your coworkers and employees, you will be able to set expectations, figure out how they feel right out of the gate, and figure out a great way to operate things moving forward.

Define Goals So They Are Known

When you talk with coworkers, you will be able to make sure that everyone knows the goals and what everyone is working toward.

These goals can be set as a company or as a department but setting things up openly is an important part. It means that everyone is accountable and that people won’t constantly be coming to you to define goals and set expectations.

Another great thing about setting these goals is that you can do it on your own and then share it with everyone. For an introvert, being able to set company and department goals on your own is a great part of the transition process to becoming a leader.

Keep Working At Becoming A Better Leader

One important thing for being a leader is understanding that it is a process. Just because you have been promoted, you are not expected to know everything and be the perfect leader. You are still in a position to grow and learn as you get comfortable.

There are lots of great options like online courses, Leadership Assessment Tests, reading informative articles about becoming a great leader, talking to other leaders, and more.

Leadership is a responsibility that allows you to adjust and adapt. You can make mistakes as a leader – and you will. So be ready for them and be sure to learn from them rather than run from them.

If you are in a leadership role, then you have earned it somehow or another. So be proud, take a deep breath, and go get it.

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Darcy Cudmorea is a Journalism graduate working in PR and writing. In the past, he gained experience working in Communications, Digital Marketing, Broadcast and more. Find him with a Stephen King book in his hands!

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